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The Virtuous and Victorious Women workshops are designed to enrich the lives of every participant so each woman is able to develop a healthy identity and walk in their full potential.  During our sessions, each participant will:

[*]       Explore and uncover the original plan and timing for their lives
[*]       Identify positive/negative messages and experiences that have altered their lives
[*]       Discover how to make wise and healthy decisions
[*]       Learn how to develop enriching and productive relationships
[*]       Impact  and strengthen their families
[*]       Develop or strengthen friendships/relationships in the realm of sisterhood
[*]       Develop a method for living a healthy and well balanced lifestyle
[*]       Have the opportunity to receive counseling, if needed.

This program is designed to propel women to achieve their purpose in a creative, fun, loving and life changing way.  Upon completing the program each the participants will receive a ‘Completion Certificate’. 

For more information on this program, or to have the program implemented at your facility, please contact:

Catherine Miree at: 248 802-9750. 

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Professional Services 

Virtuous & Victorious Women Program 

Higher Heights - Catherine Miree, Therapist

Changing the Way We Think About ‘Mental Health’

Purpose:  To inspire women to explore and pursue alternatives that will enhance and/or transform their lives in a positive direction in accordance to their innate purpose in order to fulfill their destiny. 

For more information on this presentation, or to have it presented to your group / audience, please contact: Catherine Miree at: 248 802-9750. 

Office Hours: Tues - Sat., By Appointment

8 Week Workshop Series

This two to thee hour presentation is designed to bring awareness and lesson or remove the stigma currently associated with emotional and psychological challenges that plague our society today at exponential levels. The aim is to show the benefit of seeking help at the initial onset of emotional stressors. It will walk through each stage of psychological deteroration, from 1 mild - 4 severe, and explain the advantage of addressing early, as well as, the possible consequences for ignoring the need to seek assistance.  It will also aim to bring clarity regarding the difference in emotional factors that lead to psychological challenges versus mental illness. 

"Equipping Individuals, Couples and Families....Soar to Unlimited Possibilities

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