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Seek Higher Heights Counseling For:

  • Relationships issues 
  • Marital/Pre-Marital/Parental/Single)
  • Family issues
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Grief and Loss issues
  • Anger / Bitterness
  • Identifying Your Purpose
  • Other Issues that are Life Challenging

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Higher Heights - Catherine Miree, Therapist

Counseling Objectives

Counseling Objectives

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                       Possible Benefits

   The therapy/counseling process helps people get

  “unstuck”. Through the development of insight and

   increased self awareness, people are able to gain a

   better understanding of their own behavior and the

   issues, feelings and events that motivate them. The

   most useful benefit of therapy is often an

   improvement in health and well being. This often

   translates into increased self-confidence, productivity

   and a greater sense of vitality and peace of mind. People

   of any age can grow and profit from the experience of

   therapy. There is no “wrong” time to begin!

"Equipping Individuals, Couples and Families....Soar to Unlimited Possibilities" 

                                    ​             WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT
  Counseling is a type of learning about oneself, one’s feelings, and

  one’s relationships with others. As in any learning environment,

  individuals will benefit most if they participate actively, attend

  sessions on time and are open and honest with the counselor. In

  turn, the counselor will listen to the individual’s concerns, assist

  him/her in setting and reaching appropriate goals and will respect

  his/her confidentiality.  Counselors abide by the ethical principles

  of the American Counselors Association and individuals can expect

  to have services delivered in a professional, legal and ethical

  manner. ​

​"Equipping Individuals, Couples & Families Soar to Unlimited Possibilities"

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​​​                                            Overall Goals

  •    •Improved communication and interpersonal skills

  •    •Greater self-acceptance and self-esteem

  •    •Ability to change self-defeating behaviors/habits

  •    •Better expression and management of emotions, including anger

  •   •Relief from depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions

  •   •Increased confidence and decision-making skills

  •   •Ability to manage stress effectively

  •  •Improved problem-solving and conflict resolution abilities